Objective of the EU-project HERMES

In previous EU-projects it has been worked out what methods to apply best to reduce traffic accidents. In the EU HERMES project it will be worked out how to put best these methods into practice.

The EU HERMES project focuses on creating an easy-to-use training package for driving teachers on the subject of 'best communication skills especially coaching' in classroom, in car and on the track. A multi-national team of experienced driving teachers, psychologists, educational and coaching experts have been assembled for this purpose.

Driving is a 'self-paced task': it is the driver who makes the choices. Drivers must choose if they drive, when they drive, how they drive and with whom. But to be able to pace themselves well, drivers must have a realistic perception of their skills and must avoid being influenced by other factors (such as motives, peer pressure, stress...). A succession of EU projects have thus stressed the importance of driver training that develops the self-evaluation skills of learner drivers and addresses how higher-order factors such as journey-related contexts and motives - and an understanding how lifestyle factors and personal characteristics - can impact on driving. The use of coaching methods in driver training is seen to be a key way to achieve these goals. Coaching is about raising awareness, developing responsibility and motivating the learner to make the right decisions in traffic. It builds on the physical, emotional and intellectual experiences of the coachee.

HERMES will draw on existing experience of coaching and other active learning methods in driver training and on expert advice in the greater coaching world. The end result will be a highly practical training package which new and experienced driving teachers can follow, including:

::: What is coaching - the principles of coaching
::: Why coaching - aims and rationale of coaching in driver training
::: When - and when not - to coach: practical application in driver training
::: How to coach - methods to be used by the driving teachers
::: Scenarios for coaching: training exercises

The course documentation will include the training-of-trainers, audiovisual support, user manuals and practical coaching scenarios for learner and novice driver training. The complete package will be tested and evaluated in a pilot project and will be adapted as a result.